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Download Bhagvad Gita In English

Hare Krishna! eternal religion organization share the seekers the free online audio of the Bhagavada Gita as it is, in Multi Languages including english, spanish & french. For local Indians listen bhagavad gita in hindi, hindi with sanskrit slokas, gujarati and arabic.

Download Bhagvad Gita in English


Let me first Thanks to holybooks for ebook on bhagvadgita bhagwad geeta is really a very great book..I thought that gita is fake but when i read i could not beleive what o was reading i was saying is it really a book of hindus. oh god such a great boon every hindu as well as muslim must must read.

Really happy after listening this Gita by a English professional as translation.searched at many places for this type of voice to build my own English knowledge along with the true & good lines implementation of srimad bhagwat request pls help us to download this to listen in my stressful moments. 041b061a72

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