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Appearance of grains exposed to control and high-temperature conditions. A and B Grain chalkiness was formed when grains were harvested after being exposed to high-temperature in the grain filling stage. The rate of grain chalkiness increases rapidly when exposed to high temperatures. The chalkiness grain negatively affects the grain quality. C and D When subjected to high-temperature, chalkiness grains are formed in which the middle portion of the seed turned white. Chalkiness grains have a low amylose content and a change in starch composition. E and F under a microscope, when subjected to high-temperature in the grain filling stage, a crack occurs in the starch structure

Scanning electron microscopy (SEM) analysis of the trnasverse sections of rice seed. Under normal conditions, amyloplasts are very robust and have a uniform shape. However, in high-temperature conditions, cracks occur between amyloplasts, and the shape changes to a round shape. This phenomenon occurs in both high-temperature tolerance lines and susceptible lines. However, high-temperature susceptible lines result in smaller amyloplast fragments. High-temperature-tolerant line; Nagdong, CNDH22, CNDH71, and CNDH75; high-temperature-susceptible line; Cheongcheong, CNDH11, CNDH48, and CNDH109


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