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A League Of Their Own ComГ©dia, Drama, FamГ­lia 2... [HOT]

A former champion French boxer filmed beating up police officers during a Yellow Vest riot in Paris tonight escaped five years in prison and will instead be allowed home immediately.Christophe Dettinger, 36, was pictured lashing out at officers on a River Seine bridge during anti-government protests in early January.Extraordinary videos captured the savagery, showing Dettinger using his fists and feet against the police.But judges in the capital on Wednesday ignored a potential five year sentence, instead handing down the punishment of one year in 'semi liberty', which means Dettinger will solely have to sleep in a prison at night.Christophe Dettinger, 36, was pictured lashing out at officers on a River Seine bridge during anti-government protests on Saturday afternoonHe will also have so serve an 18 months suspended sentence,which means that if he re-offends he could be sent to prison full time.The relatively lenient sentence will increase criticism of the French authorities for being too soft on rioters who are now causing mayhem in major cities such as Paris every weekend as they call for President Emmanuel Macron to resign.Mr Dettinger had admitted his crimes at Paris Correctional Court, recalling police spraying him in the face with chemical weapons.'I was gassed and in a moment anger mounted in me and I reacted badly.Yes, I reacted badly,' he said.He was placed on remand on January 9 after going on the run, but will now be free to return to see his family, and to continue in his job as a council maintenance worker.Crucially, he will also be banned from entering Paris for the next six months,which means he will not be able to take part in increasingly violent Saturday protests there.Dettinger, who is 6ft 4ins tall, is known as the 'Gypsy of Massy', after the south Paris suburb where he was bought up in a community of travelers.RELATED ARTICLESPrevious12NextFrance cracks down on Yellow Vest protests with plans to BAN... Italy's populist leaders sensationally throw their support...Former champion French boxer is caught on camera punching...Share this articleShareDettinger, a French light heavyweight champion for two years, was filmed laying into four heavily armed French riot police on a bridge over the Seine during Gilets Jaunes protests yesterdaySix-foot-four-inch Dettinger, pictured left, known as the 'Gypsy of Massy' after the south Paris suburb where he was bought up in a traveller community, won 18 fights out of 22,seven by KOHe made no effort to cover his face during the rioting, at times adjusting a dark blue beany cap, as worn by Sylvester Stallone's Rocky Balboa, in the Rocky films.Dettinger, who held his champion title for two years, has won 18 fights out of 22, seven by knock out.President Macron has continually condemned the Yellow Vests Days of Rage, which saw have now seen rioting in major cities for 13 Saturdayz in a row.He said 'justice will be done', after some thousands took part in the protests, many of them wearing high-visibility jackets which have become the trademark of the movement.The Vests have been protesting since November 17, despite a range of concessions by President Macron including scrapping green taxes of diesel and petrol.Many have been arrested, including some 700 who were held in custody on a single day in Paris in December.The Vests have been joined by extremists from the far Right and the ultra-Left, as well as anarchists intent on causing as much damage as possible.The independent Mr Macron, leader of the Republic On The Move party, won the French presidential election in a landslide in 2017, but he is now dubbed the 'President of the Rich'.Yellow vests protestors take part in an anti-government demonstration in downtown Lille, northern France, over the weekendKalamassery India,,

A League of Their Own ComГ©dia, Drama, FamГ­lia 2...

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