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Earth 2140 ((EXCLUSIVE))

Earth 2140 is a 2D real-time strategy computer game created in 1997 by Polish-based Reality Pump Studios and published by TopWare Interactive (later acquired by Zuxxez Entertainment). It has two sequels, Earth 2150 and Earth 2160.

Earth 2140


Earth 2140 takes place in the year 2140. Previous wars have left much of the Earth a nuclear wasteland, forcing most of the world's population into underground cities. Tensions rise between the Earth's two major factions, the Eurasian Dynasty (ED) and the United Civilized States (UCS), as both sides vie for the world's steadily dwindling resources. A UCS raid on an ED base is enough to ignite the rivalry into full-scale war as the ED fails in its bid to control Mexico and the UCS counterattacks Scandinavia, Great Britain, France, and the Iberian Peninsula.

The Eurasian Dynasty (ED) controls Eastern Europe and Asia. The antithesis of the UCS, the ED is run by an autocratic monarchy under the Khan Dynasty that often makes life harsh, short, and without luxury for its citizens. As the less technologically advanced of the two factions, the ED utilizes cyborgs, traditional vehicles such as tanks, and armed helicopters in its arsenal. Because of its technological disadvantage, the ED finds itself more often on the defensive throughout the Earth 2140 storyline.

Earth 2140 basically requires the player to complete various objectives, mostly destroying all opposing units and structures (or capturing them). Failure of missions happens when all the player's units are wiped out or a vital objective is not met. Structures are built by deploying mobile vehicles on suitable terrain. Mines used to fund the player with money for purchasing can only be built where ore is available. Materials used to gain funds at 1000 credits a piece are carried from a mine (or material on ground) by a BANTHA truck or Heavy Lifter and placed at the Refinery and converted into credits. Mines eventually finish when all ore is extracted.

EARTH 2140 is a real time strategy game involving the high tech warfare of the 22nd century. More than 50 exiting missions, an unprecedented artificial intelligence, more than 100 ground units, mechs, flying units and ships are at your command.

Copyright 1996-2018 by AC Enterprises eK. Developed by Reality Pump Studios. All rights reserved.Earth 2140, the Earth 2xx0 Series, Reality Pump, TopWare Interactive and the related logos are trademarks and/or registered trademarks of AC Enterprises eK.

The year is 2140. After numerous wars and several environmental disasters, only two world powers remain; the United Civilized States (UCS) covering the American continent, Western Europe and North Africa, and the Eurasian Dynasty (ED) covering the coherent landmasses of Eastern Europe and Asia.

Although it tries to be different from Command & Conquer, Earth 2140 is not different enough to warrant much interest from C&C fans. The plot will be familiar to anyone who has played RTS games: two warring factions (in this case the ED and the UCS) battle for the last remaining resources on the planet. High tech weaponry and superior firepower are the new tools of diplomacy. Only one side will triumph, and only one person can determine which side it will be. Sitting at the helm of the most advanced tactical interface, you will decide which side to support, you will decide which troops come home alive, and you will decide if humanity survives to the year 2141.

Earth 2140 is available for a small price on the following websites, and is no longer abandonware. and Zoom provide the best release and does not include DRM, please buy from them! You can read our online store guide .

Earth 2140 is a cool real-time strategy game that, unfortunately, was not at one time appreciated by most players. With its chic graphics, good AI and game balance, the game simply did not have enough of a well-known publisher to attract attention.

The plot of Earth 2140 is simple and straightforward. In 2140, only two groups remained on the ground - EA and UCS, which, if not for world domination, are fighting for just a small patch of polluted land with endless war. Well, you provide one of the groups possible.

Have you ever been embarrassed, as the tank goes out of boxing, comparable to him in size? The developers of Earth 2140 seemed to be embarrassed by this, so they tried to find their graphical explanation for this phenomenon - the unit is built in the underground compartment, and leaves for the surface on a special elevator.

The same is true of construction. How can buildings crawl out of the ground or be built by a single worker? In Earth 2140, the building is built inside the main base, where it is placed inside a special moving construction platform, which can then be shipped to a place convenient for deployment. The construction process itself is shyly hidden by a steel pyramid of scaffolding. Worthy decision, in my opinion.

Anyone know a good setting to get Earth 2140 to run as it is intended? I used to play this game all the time and have had it sitting around now for a while but since 4 years ago when I tossed my old pentium 1 and 2 computers (In a moment of stupidity) I haven't been able to get it to run correctly, which is odd because other games that are reported to be quite finicky run perfect on DOSbox.

In DOSBox Earth 2140 runs into 2 problems. If cycles are too high sound card initializaton will fail. If cycles are too low installation will lock up after testing CD audio. I'm not sure what can be done about that on real hardware.

On October 31, the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit vacated and remanded the case Arthrex Inc. v. Smith & Nephew, Inc., Arthrocare Corp. 18-2140. What was once a simple patent dispute has now resulted in a ruling that nearly disrupted the foundations of the Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB), the administrative court responsible for patent appeals.

Az Earth 2140 még nem nyerte el igazán a valósidejű stratégiák rajongóinak tetszését, a következő rész, a 2150 viszont már annál nagyobb sikernek bizonyult. A sorozat szerencsére nem szakad meg, hiszen a Zuxxez már dolgozik a folytatáson, mely a változatosság kedvéért az Earth 2160 nevet fogja viselni. A program valójában egy csomag, melyben az említett 2160 mellett helyet kapott az Earth 2150, a The Moon Project, valamint az Earth 2150: Lost Souls is. A játékban négy, egymással ellenséges viszonyban álló szervezet közül választhatunk - minden szervezethez hét küldetésből állókampány tartozik. Az új grafikus motorral üzemelő játék megjelenése a következő év első negyedében várható.

Andrews, Billy James and Shipton, Zoe Kai and Lord, Richard and McKay, Lucy (2020)The growth of faults and fracture networks in a mechanically evolving, mechanically stratified rock mass : a case study from Spireslack Surface Coal Mine, Scotland. Solid Earth, 11 (6). pp. 2119-2140. ISSN 1869-9529

We have calculated the extinction factors by using Mie code (Mätzler, 2002) for ice spheres considering several bands (the stretching mode of CO ice at 2140 cm-1, the υ3 stretching mode of CO2 ice at 2345 cm-1, and the bending mode of CO2 ice at 657.8 cm-1) from the Rayleigh regime (X X > 1). The optical constants used for the calculations with CO ice were those obtained by Palumbo et al. (2006) with a resolution of 1 cm-1 at a temperature of 15 K; the two bands of CO2 ice were those obtained by Baratta and Palumbo (1998) with a resolution of 2 cm-1 at temperature of 12.5 K. Figure 1 shows the results of these three mentioned bands for X values of 0.5, 1, 1.5, 2, and 3, respectively. A typical profile of these bands is observed for X X increase, a broader scattering peak starts to be observed towards the higher wavelengths for the three bands considered. We have compared the absorption factors of the stretching mode of CO ice in the Rayleigh regime with the absorption spectra of pure CO ice deposited on a flat substrate and observed a similar profile. However, in the case of spheres, the band is slightly displaced to higher wavelengths. In other words, our calculations with spheres of CO and CO2 ice show that grain growth leads to the appearance of a large component displaced to larger wavelengths.

The extinction factors of the 2140 cm-1 band of the CO ice sphere (upper) and 657.8 and 2345 cm-1 bands of CO2 ice sphere (middle and lower) versus the wavenumber for values of X of 0.5, 1, 2, and 3.

Comparison of the extinction factors of the 2140 cm-1 CO ice band for four shapes: sphere (top left), ellipsoid with axis ratio of 5 (top right), DW1996 (bottom left), and aggregates randomly generated with radius monomer of 0.17 μm (bottom right) from X ranging from 0.5 to 4. 041b061a72