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Chasm Download TOP PC Game

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Chasm Download PC Game

FREE GOG PC GAMES PRESENTSChasm (c) Bit Kid, Inc.Welcome to Chasm, an action-adventure game in which you play a new recruit undertaking your first mission for the Guildean Kingdom. Thrilled to prove your worth as a knight, you track strange rumors that a mine vital to the Kingdom has been shut down. But what you discover in the mining town is worse than you imagined: The townspeople have disappeared, kidnapped by supernatural creatures emerging from the depths.

Tem here!!! It's my first time making an RPGmaker game!! Its my first time trying to put together my own project outside of an animated thing (though... I guess this is still sort of.. that..). I've always wanted to make an RPGMaker game, though I guess it isn't much of a game. Its around 15-20 minutes long (though I guess it could be longer if you try to get all the endings). There's around 4 different endings you can get. A small warning that one of the endings is a little creepy/unsettling.. But hopefully its not too much. Also... occasionally a movie might freeze... I'm not really sure what causes this, if it happens, try restarting the game. I'm sorry if this happens :( It seems like this has been working for some people as a fix, so you could give it a try! -a-way-to-fix-tv-scene-crashing-bugsThank you for stopping by!! I hope you like it!! I'll try to make more one day. Hopefully I set up the downloading option right where you don't have to pay for it. But feel free to donate if you'd like to support me!!

Special Thanks: Archeia - a lot of help with learning RPGMaker/helping solve problems/pluggin/font help Yanfly - use of MessageCore and CoreEngine plugginsSasuke Kannazuki - message sound pluginStephen Lavelle - use of bfxr (sound effects program I used to make in-game sounds)SumRndmDde- I wanted to mention them because their youtube tutorial/learning series was incredibly helpful and made the program less intimidating to explore, learn and use

*Regarding MAC version: Sorry... there are some bugs and errors in the MAC version.. I'm not so sure how to fix them right away, but for now I've included it in downloads (though I recommend reading the TXT file if you can!!)

Welcome to Chasm, an action-adventure game in which you play a new recruit undertaking your first mission for the Guildean Kingdom. Thrilled to prove your worth as a knight, you track strange rumors that a mine vital to the Kingdom has been shut down. But what you discover in the mining town is worse than you imagined: The townspeople have disappeared, kidnapped by supernatural creatures emerging from the depths. Honor-bound to solve the mystery and restore peace to the Kingdom, you embark upon an epic adventure, with deadly battles against cunning monsters, exploration of ancient catacombs and castles, and powerful new equipment hidden at every turn. Though the overall story is the same for all players, your hero's journey will be unique: each of the rooms has been hand-designed, and behind the scenes Chasm stitches these rooms together into a one-of-a-kind world map that will be your own.

BoilerplateBit Kid, Inc. (formerly Discord Games LLC) is a small game studio focused on creating exciting new experiences that combine modern game design with classic 2D gameplay. We released our multiplayer 2D shooter "Take Arms" on XBLIG in 2011, and development of our procedurally-generated Adventure Platformer "Chasm" began in the summer of 2012. In May 2013, Chasm was successfully funded via Kickstarter and we began working on it full-time.

Chasm: The Rift (also known as Chasm: The Shadow Zone) is a first-person shooter video game developed by Action Forms and published in 1997 by Megamedia. Action Forms would later develop the Carnivores series. The game was meant to compete with Quake a year earlier, since GT Interactive lost publishing rights to Activision when id Software signed with the latter.

The most commendable aspect of the game is the monsters. Chasm has 16 original enemies from various time periods. These range from basic scorpions to alien captains. There are also 4 masters: the Sarcophagus, who has a surgically implanted chainsaw arm and rocket launcher, the Phantom (two swords and a fireball), a Sphinx and a Time Judge. Another interesting aspect about the enemies is that different parts of their anatomy will fly off as you fire at them (get your mind out of the gutter, not those parts). Arms and heads will fly different directions during the heat of the battle, depending on where they are shot.

Escaped Chasm is a worthwhile game to play, especially for those who can relate to the plot of the story. You will also be enticed by its art design and easy-to-learn game mechanics, as well as controls. However, you have to take extra precautions in order to not cause your game to freeze or crash. On top of that, this game still needs more enhancements, as well as features to be added.

Download doesn't work for me anyway :-( Can't wait guys! Now that I've been playing this new Metroid game on the 3DS, my hunger for this game has been growing :-) (it's an amazing sidescroller, and the 3DS effects are great for this type of game) Keep up the hard work!

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When I changed game renderer to OpenGL, all polygons of poles and trees become crumpled. So sad, I'd love to have this game 3D rendered so I must wait for an updated version that corrects this issue (my graphic is ATI R9 270X)

Had the same problem, only worse - total graphics corruptionin OpenGL. Had to play in software. I do hope that this gets fixed someday. Also, surprisingly, but except for the smooth framerate - the game actually looks notably simplified, compared to the original: numerous effects, details, shadow and light fluctuations are missing. (no matter what renderer you choose)

Definitely will keep an eye on this. However, at this stage there areway more issues remaining to be fixed, - and the resemblance to the original gameplay is strangely off key. The AI feels different, mostly dumbed down. Quite a few effects of the original are missing, control configuration is somehow became very limited, - and certain buttons are missing (like change weapon). The infamous music bug is here too, even though the music of the original isn't something to look forward to...But, since it's supposed to be a CD soundtrack - that could be replaced with anything good. That, and a good number of smaller gameplay glitches.But, i understand that this is a work in progress, let's hope it will reach a completed stage. It would surely be great if the sourceport included visual enhancements at some point - such as colored and dynamic lights...including projectiles... Don't give up on this unique game!

Chasm is a fun and unique puzzle game that offers something different for those seeking a challenge. Joe is an activist who lives in the city of Chasmton. This city is located next to a large chasm, and through this chasm, there is a water pipe that supplies fresh water to the population of Chasmton. Joe has been selected to head on up to the chasm to inspect the pipe and find the problem!You must help joe navigate the treacherous chasm and unravel the puzzle of the broken pipe! This game uses a simple click mechanism and you just have to click on various objects on the screen. You can direct Joe through various different paths but ensure you look at every eventuality! The puzzles are challenging. Can you save the citizens of Chasmton and bring them fresh water?

An Intel Core 2 Duo Q6867 CPU is required at a minimum to run Chasm. Provided that you have at least an ATI FireMV 2260 graphics card you can play the game. In terms of game file size, you will need at least 1 GB of free disk space available. Chasm system requirements state that you will need at least 1 GB of RAM.

Looking for an upgrade? Try our easy to use Chasm set up guides to find the best, cheapest cards. Filter for Chasm graphics card comparison and CPU compare. We'll help you find the best deal for the right gear to run the game.

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