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Molly finds them, as Wolf tries to get the Backpack from her but Phoenica won't let go. Would threatens her and Phoenicaexplains that it is what inside the bag that matters, not the bag itself. Wolf asks if it is money. Phoenica than offers her money she has on her, $5000. Wolf questions her so she pulls out her purse from her dress, causing her to believe her, throwing her against the wall, causing her backpack to separate from her. Molly subconsciously using her epithet, but realizing it will still hurt she rushes over and envelops herself in dumb energy, bracing for Phoenica hitting her, thankfully, it was a relatively soft impact. Midair the backpack's inhabitants fell to the ground, Molly's homework. Phoenica started crying and yelling at Wolf. She then apologized to Molly, Molly then comforted Phoenica . Wolf gets mad because the bag got ruined so Phoenica offers to cover the difference. She took out her purse and produced 5 1000 dollar bills. Molly tries to hide it but Would saw it. Molly tries to bluff they are fake, Wolf does not believe her. They started talking about what would happen if you give a vending machine these bills. Phoenica kept talking but Molly muted her. Wolf points out that even if they are fake she could still pass them off as real.

7th Sea: A Pirate's Pact full crack [torrent Full]


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