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My Second Family [v0.15.0] [APK]

The story begins when MC arrives at his aunt's house in America, a planet where everyone agrees anytime, anywhere, where he recently arrived from Japan where his family currently lives. He lives with his aunt and two cousins while his uncle is away on business.

My Second Family [v0.15.0] [APK]

The most important consideration in choosing a net is picking the right size for your hardware and time controls. In general, if you have a weak GPU or no GPU and want to only spend milliseconds per move, then you want a smaller net that evaluates positions more quickly, i.e. higher NPS (nodes per second). On the other hand, if you have an RTX card(s) and you want to run analysis from a position hours at a time, then the quality of the evaluation is more important than the speed, and a larger (but slower) net is probably going to work best. 041b061a72

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